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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 18, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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a bomb was to attract fans. there is no way to do this. >> since jimmy carter. -- sean: since jimmy carter's. that is all the time we have. greta van susteren is standing by -- since jimmy carter. greta:ç çtonight, it is reces. recess for congress is still on, and the town-hall protests are still on an even on fire. we have the hottest tape, and tim pawlenty goes on the record. he is taking on the president and the media, even accusing one male television anchor of having a man crushed on the president. a man -- a man crush on the president. and this is making some people angry. we will play that tape. plus, alaska governor sarah palin may be out of office, but she makes them crazy.
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who is it this time? and was he fair or just gratuitously nasty? we will play that for you, because we reports, you decide. this weekend was anything but softball. the town hall protests continued. >> we do not want some bureaucrat telling us what we can go to the doctor, what kind of doctor begin to, or who we can go to for anything. we want to retain the freedoms that we have in this country. >> all i am asking is a senator to make something that is not so wicked complex, so long -- >> that is what government takeover does. greta: now, if you think town
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halls are only relevant to health care, think again. minnesota governor tim pawlenty says this battle is good for the gop. good? how? he is going to tell us. he joins us live. why are these town hall was a good for your party? >> well, theseç are the sights and soundsç of democracy you jt played in action, greta, so any time we have the battle of ideas, i think the republicans have better ideas, and president obama has put a flag in the ground, saying we have a seminal moment, and a think americans are figuring out that it is bad for america and bad for them, so i think we are seeing the pendulum swing back. he is changing the political climate back to republican. greta: so what is the strategy for the republican party as these town halls continue to unfold across the country during this recess? >> this is a groundswell of
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grass roots people who are ticked off, and that is why we have a democracy. it is not so much of a grand strategy as a and a weakening or a reawakening of the country. xd-- not as much of a grand strategy as a weakening or a we awakening -- or a reawakening of the country. free enterprise, personal responsibility, liberty, and the like, and he is headed in a different direction. greta: they have said this is a little bit like herding cats. as a practical matter, the president and speaker pelosi and the senate majority leader, and they do not even need republican votes to get this passed, so why do they not just go ahead, get there and democrats, and forget about republicans and pass it? then what? >> well, they have the votes to
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do that, but i think they have figured out that if they do that, they will be ticking off the country. , obama presented himself as a centrist, and he is now leading the nation as a hard-left leader. they have the power to do it. i think they have put ipods in country -- a pause in because the country is revolting. greta: who has a man crush on obama? >> chris matthews. i was going to use the term, greta, "bro-mance," but i thought that was a little bit too much. greta: medicare or medicaid going bankrupt. what would you do? >> it is not just those.
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all of the government programs are broken or going broke, and that includes medicare, medicaid, and social security and others, so every program they are running on entitlement basis is basically on the path to bankruptcy. why would we give them power over another one? they do not have control of the ones they already have. health care is too expensive, for hardworking american families and small businesses and others, but having this go to washington, d.c., is not the answer. we need to bring it back to individuals and let them be in the driver's seat. greta: all right, so a two-part question. how do you do it, and how come it was not done in the last eight years if it was such a serious question? >> i will try not to go through it all, but, certainly, we could do medical malpractice reform and get rid of john kalas thieves. we should have more electronic
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prescriptions -- and get rid of junk lawsuits. consumer protection. we need to start paying for performance rather than volumes and procedures, but there is a lot of things that we can do on a bipartisan basis that keep the consumer is in charge that would bring down costs, and the democrats, by the way --ç that keep the consumers in charge. çwe need to be more focused on bringing down costs. greta: governor, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. brett favre may still go to wisconsin. greta: i was going to talk about that, but i did not want to get into trouble. you and i should talk about that. do you have some inside information on that, governor? >> there was some news outside that says there was some activity there, so keep an eye on that.
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greta: i will keep an eye on it. he may be wearing a purple four. greta: you have got mail, war, you might. check your email box. -- or you might. a mass email from the white house. some got it without ever being on a list, so how did that happen? major garrett is here. >> the white house said this is not a big deal, because the people who do not want it, they can unsubscribe. this is not an enormous steel from the white house perspective, but yet, today, why does implemented some changes -- this is not an enormous steel from the white house perspective. -- not an enormous dioner -- de3al. -- deal. you can read a short software program to drop your entire
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organization's email list in, and it is something that happens with some frequency, more commonly on private enters is webster -- on private entity websites. if you want to find out what is different, go here to get updates and contact us. if you want to contact the white house, you go to "contact us." that takes you to this page, where you submit your email address. here are the two things that are different today that were not presentç yesterday. first of all, up toç get updat. that is pre-signed up. you have to click it off. you go right down here. you see those squiggly letters? greta: those that none of us can add their -- can ever read. >> those are capcha.
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this device that i just circled is the way the white house now knows that someone, a human, is in putting the information themselves, and a software program is not being dropped in. they are telling a human apart from a computer by using this device. now, the of the thing that happens today is something at white house thought of -- at if you send an email -- if you sent an email to flag@wh, it did not go through. it says that to consolidate the process, the email address set up last week is now closed.
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all feedback should be sent through /realitycheck. greta: where is the one that says the third parties should be important? they said there was a false list -- where is the one that says that third parties should be important -- imported? >> the white house is required to keep and retain all email address is put into the system, said the president to act does not give the white house authority. ç-- so the presidentialç act s not give the white house authority. the white house chief information officer is the one that has to be the custodian of this until the obama presidency ends. then it goes and becomes the custodial responsibility of the national archives. people i talked to said the one
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others step the white house could take, and in the minds of some should take, if there is somebody on an e nikolas, they should send out something that says -- if there is somebody on their email list, they should send out something that says to "opt in." internet folks i have talked to said that this would avoid any potential privacy concerns at all. greta: what you did got everybody's so busy at the white house. >> it was a tremendous amount of action -- what you did got everybody so busy. they have taken steps to address it. greta: they probably could have seen it coming, but, anyway. thank you, maj. never dull. up next, are all poor people entitled to meditate? -- to medicaid?
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greta: president obama says 46 million people do not have health insurance, and a lot of the plan focuses on how to give them health insurance, but who are they exactly? a reporter with "the washington post" is with us. how certain is anyone of this number? >> we are relatively certain
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that it is in the ballpark. most experts say there are more people, around 50 million, 55 million, who are uninsured for some portion of the year but not all of the time. the drop in and out of coverage. we know several things about the population of the uninsured. about one-third of them are under the age of 25, 20. they are known as the invincible is. they are young. there are healthy. -- they are known as the invincibles. we're probably talking 18 to 25, and in that age range, we are calling them invincibles, and they are young, likely healthy, and they do not want to spend money on health insurance. you have another whole group in the pre-medicare population, 50 to 65, so they are not eligible for the program for retirees,
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and we find that they are often uninsured because maybe they have changed or lost a job or have some different family circumstance and lost their insurance, as well, and those folks have a lot of trouble buying health insurance because they are older, and$ere is iuáákk greta: somewhere and tear on their bodies. medicare is for whom? >> medich here is the program for the poor in this country, -- medicaid is the program for the poor in this country, and keep very poor and likely the mothers and the children. it is very unusual that a single adult would be eligible for medicaid in this country. it is primarily moms and their kids. greta: so we are taking care of the very poor. they are ok. and then we are taking care of the oldest. so the ones we have to take care
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of our the 18 to 25, the invincibles, and then the older people, 45 to 65, those people. how many are in the 45 to 65 group? >> the 50 to 65 age group is approximately 25% of the total number of uninsured. that is a chunk. greta: so those are people who need it. efficiency in a big part of this problem? >> yes, an enormous part of this problem. it is hard to believe, but in the united states of america, which do not necessarily get the best care. if you look at what we spend per capita, which is way more than anywhere else in the industrial world, whether you're talking about more obesity rates, other things, there is efficiency, duplication, how many times you
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call now or go to ♪ greta: happy anniversary. yes, it has been six months since you wanted to spend the stimulus money. ok, maybe you did not want to be, but theç people you votedr did. so is the stimulus bill working? joining us is steve moore, a senior writer for "the wall street journal" editorial page. >> thank you, but i did not sign up for this either. greta: sean hannity wanted to know what this anniversary was, and i would not tell him. let's grade the six months. let's start the first 1:00 p.m.,
1:22 am
we are looking at different criteria. the first one is on employment. 14.8% in february, 16.3% in july. that is usually a lagging indicator -- the first one is unemployment. >> this is probably the worst one, because, after all, the stimulus was to create jobs. i brought my chalkboard, because, after all, i m&a staff professor, but i would have to give them -- i am a tough professor, but i would have to give them an f. we have actually lost jobs, so on that criteria, they did not perform. greta: all right, another indicator to look at would be foreclosure notices. in february, there were over 290,000. in july, it was 360,000 plus. >> i think the housing market
1:23 am
has improved a tad little bit, so i am2going to giveç them a . i do not know if we can introduce this to the stimulus plan, -- if we can attribute this to the stimulus plan, but sales were up. greta: so you are thinking that is a positive, new home sales. all right, budget deficit is our third criteria. >> this is easy. do i even have to answer this? we have the biggest budget deficit in american history. there is no question about it. we are looking at about $2 trillion of a budget deficits, and this is, i think, what is holding back the economy right now, this debt. f. greta: that looks like my high school grade. ok, it june is -- consumer
1:24 am
spending. >> i would give them a c for this. the retail numbers were pretty weak last month. we are just not seeing americans with the confidence that they feel they can go backç into the stores and spend their. americans are free to spend because they are afraid about their jobs. greta: this is pretty much a static number -- they feel they can go back into the stores and spend there. >> we are certainly not in a resilience recovery right now. greta: all right, if its criteria, the stock market. in february 2009, it was 7,552. it is now 9,135. >> just to prove that i am not anti-barack obama, we have had an expansion of the last couple
1:25 am
of months. it is actually up from its trough back in march, so there is no question that the stock market is responding in a positive way, and this is where i would give them an a. i have always thought the stock market is a former economy -- ford marker that the economy has had. -- forward marker. greta: ok, automotive sales. >> we have seen a big increase in auto sales, but it is cash for clunkers. people are taking advantage of the program. i do not think thoseç @be sustainable sales, and we will see a decline. one thing we have not talked about is that i do not think this is -- he did not get the job done on time and. they have only spent 10% of the
1:26 am
$800 billion stimulus money, six months into the program -- he did not get the job done on time. on the about 12%, greta, has been spent. greta: what is the job for getting it out of the door? >> i would say a b. we need this stimulus now. greta: all right, steve, hard greater. senator arlen specter just said something else about town hall protesters -- hard grader. and congressman sheila jackson was caught using her cell phone while the woman asked a question, and with the help of
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: first, the dnc called the
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protesters tippett angry mobs," and that was not well-received, -- called the protesters angry mobs. not well received. arlen specter is taking his turn, saying exactlyç what he thinku about some protesters. >>xd we have to bear in mind tht all those people have a right to be heard that they are not really representative of america in my opinion. we have to be careful here not to let those town meetings dominate the scene and influence what we do on health policy. greta: not representative of america? joining us is a person who went on august 11, on tuesday, to one of the town hall meetings. are you not representative of america as senator specter just said? >> greta, i think i represent a great deal of america, and i am
1:31 am
really disappointed in the center. i think he ought to be ashamed of himself. he sent out press card invitations to our area, inviting people to, , and then we go, express ourselves, and afterward, he disparages the us and belittles us, and i really think he should be ashamed of that kind of statement. greta: did you ask a question, and what was your demeanor in asking a question? >> yes, i did ask a question. my demeanor was calm and respectful. i tried to present some facts and challenges to him, and i did not get a very good answer, but i was privileged to at least be able to ask the question. greta: , what was it about the question that wasç insufficient proof was he dodging you, or was itç that he just did not agree with you? >> i would say both dodging and also not agree. i thought that the whole bill ought to be dumped for a variety
1:32 am
of reasons and that congress ought to focus on some particular issues, tort reform, illegal immigration, carrying coverage from one job to another, and those kinds of things, but he just played that down, and i was disappointed. greta: he said that some people and not representative of america. i am curious. what is your background? >> i conduct a christian ministry, and i travel around the country, lecturing on family matter is and parenting. greta: are you a professional protester -- on family matters and parroting -- parenting. >> no. greta: ever been to a town hall meeting before? >> i may have been a long time ago, but this one, i was really concerned about the issues of the day, and especially to get the post card. i thought, yes, i appoint to go
1:33 am
and look for the opportunity to speak. but i do want to say that he made reference that these are organized meetings with certain people pushing the meeting. that was not the case. we had about 2000 people attend. i saw one bus come in, and those çfolks could notç get into the needy because they got pretty late, and all of the folks going into that meeting, or pretty local people -- could not get into the meeting because they got their pretty late. greta: thank you. i hope the senator is watching. maybe you will get a beer summit. >> yes, i would like to talk to him personally. greta: sheila jackson was using her cell phone, and a woman was asking her a question, and that woman was a cancer survivor, and her name is tracy miller. ms. jackson came on the show.
1:34 am
>> i can certainly understand if offense was taken, and it certainly was not meant to be. i would hope that tracy would come to my town hall meeting so i could tell her that there was no offense. sorry, tracy. we can work for this, and i hope i can convincer to support the bill. greta: apparently, tracy miller was watching us, because she decided to respond to what she was saying right here. she decided to say something ççelse to get the congresswomn detention, youtube. >> congresswoman sheila jackson, i appreciate your apology on the air last night an invitation to join you at some future town halls to learn more about hr- 3200, but at this time, i think it is more important for you and other members of congress to hear equally from the and others who equally fromhr-3200 is bad for america
1:35 am
-- and others who equally think that hr-3200 is bad for america. i look forward to hearing from your office about having this conversation on topics, which will benefit america. -- on topic, which will benefit america. greta: i suppose she is too busy looking at youtuber right now. i assume you have said to her, "let's have this discussion" -- looking at youtube right now. >> no, but i know some people have called and have left messages about the vreo, and greta: do you have a specific question for the congresswoman that you would like to have answered? >> well, i would like to know why she still thinks that she
1:36 am
would like to convince me to support hr-3200 when we discussed at length at the town hall meeting my health history and the history of my daughter's health and how it rationed health-care system would not have been beneficial for us -- how it rationed health care system would not have been beneficial for us -- how a rationed health-care system would not have been beneficial for us. greta: is there something that grabs your attention? >> there are several things, like you said -- something that grabs your attention -- grabbed your attention? >> just like obama said, we need to have less tests unless procedures, that bothers me. those decisions -- when it came to my daughter especially, the mother and the doctor or the patient and the doctor.
1:37 am
greta: ok, youtube. whose idea was that? have you put anything up on their before? >> no, that was my first time. that was my friend's idea, and i told him i was thinking theç se thing. oki felt like she was not listening if she left with the idea that she could still convince me that hr-3200 was good. i think she needs to hear from me and others about why that is not good. greta: what about when she was on her show proof -- on our show? did you believe for apology? >> of course. greta: think you, tracy. >> thank you. greta: up next, it get out the mop -- thank you, tracy. kay bailey hutchison has big news tonight. and what
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>>, americas news headquarters, i am ainsley. only about one-third of the 120 million vaccine orders will be available by mid october of the
1:42 am
swine flu vaccine. the company making the vaccine is having some production problems. it will occur but at a slower pace than planned. reports out of kuwait showed that an angry ex-wife is not confessing to setting the deadly fire at the wedding of her ex- husband. 43 women and children were killed. the victims were all women and children. f convicted on the new charges. we are now back to "on the record with greta van susteren." greta: this could get really ugly. senator kay bailey hutchison is running for governor. you can see how this could be offered -- awkward. you are taking on the race in your own party.
1:43 am
it looks like there will be blood on the floor in this race. ç>> it does not have toç be tt way, but i think there are real differences in our approach, and what i would do for the future of texas, and i have a record of voting for tax cuts and promoting tax cuts, and we are going to talk about his record of increasing taxes, so i think that it is important that we do this. i am very committed to it and very excited about the response i am getting. greta: talking about the response, you made your announcement today, and right away, you have seen governor perry coming out swinging. they say you have violated things and flip-flopped on basically every promise to voters, about the federal bailout -- they came swinging already. >> of course the and they have been swinging really since the first of the year -- of course,
1:44 am
they have been swinging really since the first of the year. i just think it is time for a change. i think we need to change the tone of politics, and, really, greta, the republican party has been shrinking. we are two away from losing every major metropolitan area in texas accept one, and that is not a record i want to continue. greta: my guess is that as a fellow republican, you probably voted for governor. what has changed your mind? >> he has notç tried to builde republican party, and that is why it is deteriorated. he has not been a leader in cutting taxes and in trying to make sure that we keep a good business climate going forward. he actually instituted a very big business tax, and our property taxes have gone up. i want to tackle that. i think we can. i think we can bring taxes down
1:45 am
in texas. at the same time, i think we must get better education, and we must have a transportation system that is planning for the future and not a system of toll roads that is going to eat up all of the revenue that we have that i think we should be using more wisely. greta: is an awkward? i would imagine that you guys are friends? you have been hanging out in the same group proved challenging the sitting governor of your own party? -- hanging out in the same group? challenging the sitting governor? >> this is too much control, too many appointments. he controls every agency, every board, every commission, and i would not expect him to run for 14 years, and neither did anyone else, but i tried to help the party last time when i was considering running, because i
1:46 am
thought really he had had enough time, but i did not. i really did not want to hurt the party. i did not want the strife, but this time, after getting out there and beginning to make those preparations to run, he jumped in, and there is no way that iç feel that i shouldç bk off because, frankly, i think that he will take the party down, and i think it is time to rebuild the republican party. greta: senator, let me talk about the social conservatives in your party, because they're re has been a lot about that. pro-choice. trying to get you right between the eyes on that one. >> well, i think he is going for a social conservative base, but what i think he is doing, unfortunately, greta, is trying to narrow the base, and he is, i think, using harsh rhetoric, and it is very off-putting to many
1:47 am
mainstream republicans, and i do not think that is necessary at all. i have a 94% right to life lifetime reading. i think that shows that i do care about life, -- rating. that i want to have more adoptions. but i want to have, certainly, a reverence for life, but to use harsh rhetoric that then says to people, "we do not want you to be republican unless you are with us 100% on every issue? oilwell, mothers and daughters are not the same on every issue, fathers and sons. we cannot build a party around 100% agreement. that is ridiculous. greta: thank you, senator. this will be a fascinating race to watch. like i said, there will be blood on the floor. >> there does not have to be. greta: is going to be, and it
1:48 am
will be an exciting race to watch.s(-- it up next, the best of the rest. yes, we agree. this is weird. the politician you know well joining the cast of "dancing with the stars." who is it? here is a clue. he might like music by mc hammer. and calling a former governor sarah palin -- calling former governor sarah palin "a whack job"? and what are you doing for lunch? how about beer-battered shrimp and chips... or one of our coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combinations? eight dishes that fit into your lunch hour... starting at just $6.99.
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greta: you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. former governor sarah palin is out of politics, but, apparently, she is still getting under the skin of democrats. one strategist just hammered governor palin's. he was talking about her on the website politico. newt gingrich dave governor palin advise on what she should be doing in she wanted to run for president, but he went beyond the article on politico and had this to say about the governor. >> speaker gingrich, he is a
1:53 am
brilliant political strategist, and, frankly, the former governor of alaska should listen to him, and i would change this to des moines, iowa, but here is the problem. he is treating her like a reasonable person. but she is not. she is a whack job. i admire is speaker gingrich for pretending that she is a serious person, but she is not. greta: what is up with him for that? why did he have to sayç that? ymgo to and tell . and do you hear music? apparently, tom delay does, and he is getting out his dance shoes. the man nicknamed "the ca hammer" is joining an actress, a
1:54 am
sportsman, and others. congressman delay says he has been working out like crazy to get ready for the show, and that answers the great mystery. yes, there is a career after congress. and sergeant james crowley is back. no, not for another beer summit. he spoke at a convention and got a standing ovation. >> it has been very difficult for my family, friends, my colleagues back in cambridge. it would not have been as easy for me to handle this without the support of the fraternal order of police. greta: and there you have it, the best of the rest, but still ahead, your last call, one more quick round to before we turn down the lights. this woman just one something. this woman just one something. but the question is,
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. flashe the studio lights. the annual husbands calling contests. not kidding. ladies grabbing the microphone and belted out a call for their husbands. >> [making odd noises] greta:ç çwhat a great contest. the winner of the contest has won five times. congratulations


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